Am I Crazy To Send My Kids To School in a Pandemic?

Public health data can help you understand risk – if you tread carefully!

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How many students per class? I’m waiting to find out…

How can we measure local risk? How low is low?

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Categorizing risk using new COVID-19 cases per population (Harvard Global Health)

What’s my local risk?

Do regional COVID-19 case counts tell the whole story?

1: We are likely missing some cases

2: Case numbers have likely grown (modestly)

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Daily COVID-19 case counts for Vancouver Coastal Health (popn’ 1.25 million). Source: BCCDC COVID-19 dashboard Sept 8, 2020

1: COVID-19 cases occur in “hotspots”

2: Many COVID-19 cases are isolated early, through contact tracing

3: Infection rates are lower in school-age children

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Source: BCCDC Surveillance Report, Jan 1 — Sept 3, 2020 (N=5,980)

Where do all the caveats leave us?

How likely is it that somebody shows up to school carrying COVID-19?

My Bottom Line

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