Hi Joris,

I appreciate your response but fear you misunderstood some of what I was saying. 60 grams of protein is my target for the whole day, not a meal. Furthermore, your data look off.

It can be very helpful to think of foods in terms of % protein content. Most of us will thrive on 10–15% of calories protein, with some exceptional higher protein needs discussed here.

Most plant-based foods have 10% or more calories from protein. The only ones below this are root veggies (about 8% of calories) and fruits. Honestly, the only way to fall below 10% is to only eat those foods (plus oil) at every meal. Even oats, quinoa, and whole wheat bread come in at 15% protein. This chart, from one of my articles about meeting your protein targets, gives many examples:

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I am utterly baffled that you find beans to be more expensive than meat as a protein source. I have never heard such a thing! Check out this protein cost (and resource cost) analysis from World Resource Institute. This is one of many that say the same thing — plant-based sources (except nuts!) are less cost and resource intensive, even per gram of protein.


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