I really appreciate this article — and the enlightening studies you cite.

To add to your pro-whole grains message, contrary to popular belief, many whole grains have MORE protein than the recommended daily minimum, as a percentage of calories. This is something I didn’t appreciate until I did my research only recently on protein needs and plant-based sources. See my article here:https://medium.com/@chanapdavis/a-simple-way-to-get-enough-protein-be45e12b6ee0

It has been very liberating to feel good about giving my kids the carbs they love. The trick, as you allude to, is choosing nutrient-dense whole grains. I really appreciate the practical tips you highlight for doing this, as so many consumers blindly go by the packaging claims, which are often misleading.

Shopping for Cheerios is an excellent example. One could easily assume that ‘Multigrain’ is a better choice than ‘Original’. However, Multigrain has 24 grams carbs and 3 grams fiber per serving (8x ratio). Original has 20 grams carbs and 3 grams fiber per serving (7x ratio). Original wins. The bigger difference is the sugar — 6 grams per serving for Multigrain versus 1 gram for original. I choose regular cheerios any day of the week for my kids (though they wish I would buy Multigrain)

My objective is to give people both the information and the tools they need to make smarter, healthier choices. I’ll definitely be sharing this article and this tool!

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Scientist (PhD Genetics @Stanford) * Mother * Passionate about science-based healthy choices * Lifelong learner * Founder: Fueled by Science

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