Ignorance Is Not Bliss When it Comes To Food

Two steps to boost your food IQ and see through marketing hype

Step 1: Know Your Nutrient Targets

Step 2: Know Exactly What You Are Eating

Navigating the cereal isle isn’t easy!

1. Old School: Flip the Box

I encourage everyone to make a habit of pausing to read labels. It can be very illuminating if you know what to make of them, and can help you fall prey to clever marketing strategies.

Which is healthier? Original Cheerios or Multigrain Cheerios. depends on which side of the box you look at!
Green machine smoothie pre-and-post labeling changes

2. New School: Go Digital

Screenshots from MyFitnessPal synched with Apple HealthKit
“row of vegetables placed on multilayered display fridge” by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Closing Thoughts

As a health writer, this article is somewhat ironic, because most of the healthiest foods don’t come with nutrition labels. If we followed the classic advice to “eat real food, not too much”, and to “eat the rainbow”, there is a good chance we would meet our nutritional goals without trying.

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Chana Davis, PhD

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