Thank you for this insightful look at how Friends of the Earth (or should I say “friends”) is sabotaging its own mission. I believe that any environmentalist who criticizes alt-meat must not be looking clearly at both sides of the equation.

Everything is a tradeoff and I think that Impossible has repeatedly made the right calls. They made a calculated decision to use genetic engineering to produce plant-based hemoglobin aka leghemoglobin (as you point out, a technology that we have safely used in other contexts without the same fearful reaction) rather than harvest massive amounts of soy crops to extract the low abundance protein (see video). They made another calculated, thoughtful, decision to use GM soy rather than shun it in order to be able to meet demand (read here).

Dr. Chana Davis

Written by

Scientist (PhD Genetics @Stanford) * Mother * Passionate about science-based healthy choices * Lifelong learner * Founder: Fueled by Science

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