Four Good Reasons to Embrace Soy (Not Just for Hippie Vegans).

Soy is a win for your taste buds, your body, your planet, and your wallet.

Glory bowl from WhiteWater Cooks.
The many faces of soy. Source: Harvard Health.

Yum Factor

Let’s whet our appetites with a few of the many ways you can enjoy soy.


Soy is a rockstar on the nutritional front. It is one of the best, if not THE best, plant-based source of protein, both in terms of quantity and quality.

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Soy shines brightly on the environmental front.

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Impossible’s soy-based burger vs beef burger Source
  • 11% global warming potential
  • 4% land use
  • 13% water consumption


Soy is a low-cost source of high-quality nutrition.


Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous, I encourage you to explore new ways to enjoy soy and all that it offers. Plant-lovers can easily get all the protein then need and more, while meat-lovers can make a serious dent in their environmental footprint.


Expert positions on soy and health

Beef burger savings calculations

  • 61 million tons CO2 equivalents saved = (4.5 million tons of beef per year*/ 2) x 27 kg CO2 equivalent savings per kilogram of beef**
  • 61 million tons / 4.6*** = 13 million cars off the road (for a year)

Cost per gram of protein

  • A standard package of extra firm tofu (~340 grams) costs about $2 USD. At 60 grams protein per package, this works out to about 3 cents per gram of protein.
  • A standard (non-organic) bag of shelled edamame (500g) costs about $3 USD. At about 50 grams of protein, this works out to about 6 cents per gram of protein.
  • A bulk (500 gram) bag of soy protein powder contains about 400 grams of protein and costs about $15 US on Amazon .

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