You and I are very much on the same page. In my most recent article I look beyond simple food mantras and use the lens of science to look at nutrition and safety of plant-based burgers. It was an eye-opening journey!

Here are my top takeaways on plant-based burgers and on healthiness in general:

  • Plant-based burgers provide many of the same nutritional benefits as beef but with fewer potential downsides.
  • Fake meat is safe — arguably even safer than beef!
  • Faux meat does not replace veggies. Use my recipes to fill half your plate.
  • No food is perfect. Plant-based burgers are no exception; they have pros and cons. Whether or not they are “healthy” depends on the comparator, and even more so, on the toppings, bun. and rest of the meal.
  • Simple food mantras like “eat less processed foods” can be useful but have severe limitations. They tend to work much better for apples-to-apples comparisons (like apple vs apple juice) than apples-to-zebras comparisons (like a plant patty to a beef patty).

Full article: Faux Meat and Your Health: Facts and Fallacies


Chana Davis, PhD

Founder, Fueled by Science

Written by

Scientist (PhD Genetics @Stanford) * Mother * Passionate about science-based healthy choices * Lifelong learner * Founder: Fueled by Science

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